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    problem with java games

      Pardon if this isnt the right forum to put this in, im new here and couldnt find a specified forum for such things to post in. anywho, im having a bug with some java games ive been playing. in this bug the game screen in missing tidbits in the shape of lines coming down from the top of the screen. it doesnt affect most stuff, but in 2 games; minecraft and Wurm, it cuts the chat and all text to bits across the screen and shows missing bits everyywhere.






      i have no pics from wurm, but it shows the same with the chat cut off. the last ones chat is fine because of a texture pack but it deteriorates over time and stuff goes missing. I have found no mention of this problem anywhere and have tried to remedy it based on multiple recomendations(uninstall/reinstalled both the games and java, ran realier versions, etc). i need to find some kind of solution, and im almost positive the problem lies in java itself.
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          If you want tech support with games, go to the tech support for those games. At least Minecraft has it. Of course you're playing it legally, right?

          Let me put it differently: when one of your regular non-java games breaks down, you don't go to Microsoft to ask for support.