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      • 15. Re: Problem with creating Pfile
        Girish Sharma
        Delete c:\mypfile.txt and try to :
        create pfile='c:\mypfile.txt' from spfile='D:\SPFILEORCLE1.ORA';
        • 16. Re: Problem with creating Pfile
          It looks to me as though you, at some point, issued this command:
          create spfile from pfile='something_or_other';
          using a pfile containing just the one parameter. Therefore, you generated an spfile containing just that one parameter. This is why that is what you see when you query v$spparameter. However, your running instance was started with a differnt(complete) parameter file, which is why
          sho parameter spfile
          shows a different path. That command does not read any file, it shows you what is currently in effect.
          So basically, you have broken your parameter file and may well be in trouble at your next re-start. What you need to do is this:
          create pfile='some_file_name' from memory;
          edit that as you please
          create spfile from pfile='some_file_name';
          and re-start the instance.

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          • 17. Re: Problem with creating Pfile
            Hi Jonh,

            Thanks for your help. It worked now.

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