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    Issue in OWA Premium and OAM11g integration


      We integrated OWA application with OAM11g. We have IIS(6) (with OAM webgate installed) Web server running on the Exchange server.

      The integration works fine when verified it with the Mozilla 18.
      When accessed OWA application from mozilla it goes on OWA Lite mode.

      However when accessed the same from IE8 it goes on Premium mode and the major functionality like send/receive mail or change password , is not working.

      If removed the access configuration (i.e. removed the webgate entry from IIS) the send/receive mail or change password functionality works fine in IE8

      Is seems this is happening when introduced access configuration.

      Can anybody provide me pointer on the this? Please Let me know if any information required.


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          Hi Shikha,

          I would definitely try this with the WebGate, and the latest BP (13) applied. There were a couple of bugs related to MSIECompatibleAgents that were fixed (not sure that they cause the problem you see, but are a possbility). Failing that, comparing the http header traces of failing IE and successful Firefox session might give some clues as to the cause of the problem.