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    NQS ERROR:14025

      NQS ERROR:14025 NO FACT TABLE EXISTS -after migrating from 10g to 11g, we are getting this error we are on OBIEE we did set NO_FORCE_TO_DETAIL_BIN=1 But still having this issue.

      Please let me know if anybody resolved this issue.
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          Can you tell me how you are setting this NO_FORCE_TO_DETAIL_BIN=1

          can you confirm value is 1 and not 1.0?
          You may use any existing init block to set 1 as default value instead of new init block using query.

          If helps pls mark

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            Please set the session variable NO_FORCE_TO_DETAIL_BIN=1

            You can do this in your rpd: Variable Manager / New / Session / Variable.
            Choose any init block and set Default Initializer to 1