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    HFM to FDM drill-through issue: "No Locations Were Found"

      We are using Hyperion platform.

      Drilling-through from HFM to FDM returns the following error:

      "Error: No locations were found matching the passed intersection values. Please verify:
      1) that the target system (originating the drillback) is properly configured;
      2) that FDM POVs have not been retroactively modified or compromised."

      The strange thing is that the drill-through is working fine with income accounts which are all stored onto C1/C2/C3/C4 = [None]

      The mentioned error is instead appearing for balance accounts which are, for example, stored onto C1="CO"

      We have just checked out that the Foreign Name in Workbench, for each HFM dimension, is exactly the same of the ones shown into workspace POV manager of the webforms.

      One important note is that our HFM application is a "quarterly" application and the single months are not valid intersection. Therefore we upload from FDM quarters and not months.

      Please help!! We're stuck.