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    LOADCACHE Program

      App 8.9 FSCM Bundle 42
      Tools 8.52.12
      When i run LOADCACHE Program i see errors like this.

      PeopleCode compile error (The create operator can only be used for application classes. (2,96)) for program EOTP_SERVICE.GBL.SavePostChange.

      Is there a fix to this?
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          Judging by the combination you have: FSCM 8.9 and PeopleTools 8.52.12, I would say you have an upgraded environment from a previous PeopleTools version.
          A lot these errors were logged during upgrades since PeopleTools 8.50 introduced new reserved words like:

          If your pre-upgraded PeopleCode contains these keywords the post upgraded environment will see this as PeopleCode and try to valid it and will probably fail.
          Try using the Find in PeopleCode function in Application Designer and look for these keywords.
          Open any returned PeopleCode and try to validate it.

          Also see this blog
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            Just to give you the entire picture we are upgrading FSCM 8.9 to FSCM 9.1FP2 along with Tools Upgrade(84819 TO 85212).

            In this case i was trying to build cache for faster performance for users but ended up in error.So i have gone ahead of that step and now we will resume the template with App upgrade steps.

            Since I will be upgrading Application to 9.1 FP2 here on.Can i wait till i complete that and see if the errors have gone?
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              Sure sould like a good plan.
              Vanilla peoplecode using those keywords will be resolved in 9.1.
              Custom peoplecode using thise keywords will still fail, but at least the number of faults will be minimized to just customizations. During the upgrade you will create a project UPGCUST containing the customizations you want to reapply. You will only have to search that project for those keywords instead of a full database peoplecode search.
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