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    Jdevloper 11g "0 of 0 tests successful" when testing Application Server

      Using Jdevloper 11g Release 1 ( I configured the Application Server exactly as my colleagues who can test it successfully, but I am getting "0 of 0 tests successful" when testing the connection. This message pops up immediately; it seems like Jdevloper's not even trying to connect. Attempting to deploy a project from Jdevloper to the Application server is also unsuccessful. As a workaround deploying to JAR file and pulling it in through Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control is working OK. Tried disabling proxy settings in JDeveloper (Tools -->Preferences --> Web Browser and Proxy) then, re-start JDeveloper and that didn't work. How can I get Jdevloper 11g to test the Application Server connection and not give me "0 of 0 tests successful"?