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    Javscript confirm box still sets value and refreshes form

      We currently have a javascript confirmation box set up in Oracle APEX that pops up whenever data has been changed in a tabular form. I have used the plugin found at [http://www.apex-plugin.com/oracle-apex-plugins/dynamic-action-plugin/skillbuilders-save-before-exit.htm|http://www.apex-plugin.com/oracle-apex-plugins/dynamic-action-plugin/skillbuilders-save-before-exit.html] The only modification I made to the plugin is to call it on change of the jQuery selector :text instead of :input because I only wanted to know when textfields in the tabular form changed and because it was being called when select lists were being changed. The select lists that I have set up are filtering the rows displayed in the tabular form.

      This confirmation box works as intended (Hitting Ok performs the action to filter rows/move away from page, Choosing Cancel does not perform the action) whenever users are attempting to change pages or paginate through the results and also works as intended in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome whenever users change their selection in a drop down and data has been changed in the tabular form. However, in IE8, when a user changes their selection in a select list the confirmation box comes up with the values Ok, Cancel and they both have the same effect of setting the value of the page item to the new selection and filtering our tabular form. The desired result is to have the cancel button not set the value of the page item and therefore filter the rows in the tabular form, the way that it works in Firefox and Chrome. Having the users use a browser other than IE8 is not an option as we only officially support IE.

      That plugin, Skillbuilders Save Before Exit, is being called on an event "onbeforeUnload". Is there any event before setting the value in IE that it could be called? Is there anyway to not set the value when hitting cancel? I want to post this application to apex.oracle.com but will need to get approval before doing so, but please, offer any suggestions you can while I get approval.