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    Jndi Connection over db adapter and jms adapter

      Hi Friends,

      Why we are creating JNDI connection 2 levels in DB adapter(1.Data source Level 2.DB adapter Level)
      and in JMS we are creating 3 levels (1 is at persistent storage level 2 Application Sub Deployment level 3 JMS Adapter Level)
      Can any one explain briefly.

      Thanks and Regards

      Madhu Pirya
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          JNDI stands for Java Naming and Directory Interface, you can see it as a repository of names, the names are organized hierarchically and each name can be associated to a resource... You use JNDI to locate those resources... The use of 2 or 3 "levels" to used for an adapter is not relevant, it just means you have more or less named resources involved...

          Hope this helps...