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    Login issues with Mobile Theme 50

      Hi All,

      I have an APEX 4.2 application (Mobile Theme 50) which is running on Oracle 10g and is being accessed via iPads. Whenever you exit out of the application by clicking on the iPad button and go into any other App, Mail, Calendar etc, you are forced back to the login page, rather than allowing the user to continue from where they were . We have other APEX applications using a desktop theme that will happily let you check your mail and when you swap back to Safari your session is still there and you can continue on from the page you were on when you left.

      Authentication is a requirement, but I was hoping that once they login and the session hasn't timed out, that they would be free to move about the iPad without having to login again.

      Are there any setting or changes that can be made to change this behaviour?

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          Dear Mike,

          Would you build a sample app. on apex.oracle.com to help you effectively.

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            Hi Mahmoud, sorry I haven't had time to build a sample app, I might be able to knock up a sample this evening.

            This appears to be an iPad specif problem. Tested it on a Samsung and it is fine. There is also one other subtle difference on the iPad itself, that is when you save the URL as a bookmark it always opens within Safari so you can open other apps, then go back into the apex app within Safari and your session is happily running. If you save the URL to the Home screen it opens in a full screen mode (with no minimise options) and you cannot jump out of it unless you are ready to login again.

            After a bit more Googling I found that in the default Page Template for Theme 50 it has the following Meta Tag in the Header.

            <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />

            From what I can gather this will default the application to run in full screen mode.

            I made a copy of the page template and removed this tag and it now always runs within Safari. (After removing the link from the iPad home screen and creating a new one....Some odd cache problems seem to happen)

            It would be good to have the full screen mode running as it looks neater and obviouly gives you a bit more screen real estate, but removing the meta tags appears to solve the constant login issues....Our users can decide which they prefer.