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    Obiee11g software

      We are using OBIEE OBIEE11. now.Right now we are using development system.We have plan to install in Production machine.Could you please provide me below details.
      1.Can we download oracle site and install production machine or ?
      2.Can i install version in production or If oracle released any latest version can i install those version? or install itself.
      3.How we identify license key?
      4.After installing obiee11g,where we can put license key.

      Note: I am working in one of the bank.Bank already got the license to use OBIEE11g.

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          What is your current version no, if it's less than obiee11. then try to login with MOS (My Oracle SUpport - try to get MOS a/c from your banking clinet and then download latest patch obiee11. then apply it)

          MOS obiee patch Download link,

          for the licence key need to check with your BI server - network admin (obiee11g licence key registration he will take care that part)

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            Satya Ranki Reddy
            Hi Gram,

            1.Can we download oracle site and install production machine or ?

            A. No -- Before installing/Downloading you have to check with infra time or Client side, They will give key version software for production.

            I can suggest you please check with your infra team (or) you can raise the SR on this they will provide more details on this.

            Note: In production you have to careful, before installing any software in production you have to check with your admin team, other wise it will create big problem for you..


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              I have MOS a/c and I downloaded.Could you pls explain how can i see license key.Dont have any seperate admin team for installation.Myself only doing installation.