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    Solaris 10 Sparc T2000/T1000 slow scp/sftp between hosts

      We have 4 x t2000 and 2 x t1000 sun servers all running solaris 10 sparc edition and when uploading an agent to all these servers I was unable to maintain a connection faster than 6MB. All our OEL 6.3 hosts on the same vlans/network/swithes are able to copy the same files around at 85MB/s.

      Our entire network is GB and have been trouble shooting along the way and have got down to two sun hosts on the same switch and vlan to rule out firewalling and other factors.

      The switchports on the cisco show no errors and no errors are seen on the solaris servers and training up at the GB speed as configured.

      So I'm faily certain there is something on the solaris hosts OS wise that is affecting perfomance that is causing some of our backup jobs to be quite long but I'm not sure at what to do now.

      I've seen some online articles relating to tuning and adjusting certain tcp options but unsure as to what would be best.

      Has anyone else experienced issues such a this and if so what was done to resolve it, thanks.