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    ckeditor not saving the data

      I use hosted Apex 4.2.1 via Chrome browser.
      Recently the version of Apex was upgraded to 4.2.1 and I noticed the "CKEditor 3" is not working correctly. My page item is the database item and the column is defined as VARCHAR2(4000). When I open the page the form renders correctly. The description item shows as Reach Text Item as expected, however, any text I enter inside the description field is not saved to the database (all other items are). I use custom process to save to the database and I pass my P512_DESCRIPTION to a VARCHAR2 attribute of the procedure.
      When I change the editor type to old "FCKEditor 2" everything works as expected. The description item renders as Reach Text and the data is correctly stored.
      To add to the strange behavior if I open a page with an intent of updating the data, and the description item uses new "CKEditor 3", after clicking the Save button the existing description is erased even though I did not touch it at all.

      Is there anything specific I need to do to use the "CKEditor 3" correctly? Anyone came accross the same issue?