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    Need to understand OSB deployment architecture

      Hi All,

      I am quite confuse with OSB deployment architecture, I am seeking for the information what happens when we do deployment from OSB console for Proxy Services, Business Services and JMS based proxy services etc.

      OSB domain folders contains below directory I want understanding what these directory contains -

      $domainshome/sbgensbgen (Contains ALSB1332496379705*.ear files)
      $domainshome/sbgensbgen/alsbTempJars (Contains some jar files e.g. tempwaitforsecs1366538580062685976.jar)
      $domainshome/servers/SIT1-OSB01/stage (Contains folder like this "_ALSB_1339165033202" which contains .ear fies)
      $domainshome/mserver/SIT-1-SOA-domain/servers/SIT1-OSB01/tmp/_WL_user (This also contains some of folder e.g. ALSB1343387994885)

      The above folder structure is same for Admin Server and Managed servers, now I want to understand what is the different purpose of these folders and how they play role when we do deployment in OSB for JMS based proxy services, normal proxy services and business services.

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          The folder structure you mentioned relates to OSB internal implementation and shouldn't have any other use... If you are looking into automated deployment you should look into the import/export features and deployment scripts as the one you can see in Biemond's blog...

          Hope this helps...

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            Hi Vlad,

            Thanks for your response, but I was not looking for deployment using script, in our project also we do use ant script only to do the deployment. I was more keen understand the structure for OSB internal folder and how they are getting used during deployment.

            In our Prod environment we are facing some exceptional errors e.g. few ALSB MDB showing warning sign under deployment, few showing failed while deployment etc.

            This is all happening due to lots of junk .ear files in 'stage' directory, we want to clean all the junk .ear and .jar files from the servers in respect of JMS MDB, due to that exercise we came to know about all these folder, now trying to understand relation between these folder and usage of these folder during deployment.

            I would much appreciate if could throw some light over the topic that how given folder in trail mail get utilized during deployment.