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    FA & GL Reconcilication

      Hi Experts,

      Could you please tell me the process of Reconciling Oracle FA with GL?

      Thanks in advance..

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          Vikas Bhatt
          Take the standard report to do the reconciliation of the FA Accounts with

          - Oracle Assets Report: Journal Entry Reserve Ledger Report
          - Oracle GL Report: Account Analysis Report or Trial Balance - Detail

          Once you have the report for the respective accounts, you would have to convert that into excel and create sub-totals.


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            Thanks Vikas
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              Sadanand Shenoy
              Hi Bharat,

              As Vikas has informed you can perform the same. Else for a detailed, fool proof reconciliation

              Reconciling Accounts
              Steps to reconcile accounts:
              1. In Oracle General Ledger, match the ending balances in the Detail Trial Balance report with the ending balances in the ledger Subledger Accounting Account Analysis report.
              2. Match the general ledger ending balances with those of the Cost Summary / CIP Summary / Reserve Summary Report.
              3. Match the ending balances of the Summary Reports with those of the Detail Reports.

              For Eg:

              Match the individual source amounts of the Cost Detail Report to the detail reports :-
              A. Match additions to cost in the Asset Additions report.
              B. Match adjustments to net change in the Cost Adjustment Report.
              C. Match retirements to cost retired in the Asset Retirements Report.
              D. Match reclasses to cost in the Asset Reclassification Reconciliation Report.
              E. Match transfers to cost in the Asset Transfer Reconciliation Report.

              Similarly for other reports as well.


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