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    Content tab in LTS

      Hi Experts,

      What is the purpose of content tab in the logical table source(LTS) after mapping the columns in the LTS why we have to set the logical level for the dimension if we won't set what will happens.

      Please let me know with good scenario for better understanding.


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          To use a source correctly, the Oracle BI Server has to know what each source contains in terms of the business model. Therefore, you need to define aggregation content for each logical table source of a fact table. The aggregation content rule defines at what level of granularity the data is stored in this fact table. For each dimension that relates to this fact logical table, define the level of granularity, making sure that every related dimension is defined.

          Good scenario is Fact table and Aggregate fact table.

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            Satya Ranki Reddy

            Please refer below links. You will get better idea .