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    Strange error while submitting order-Invalid Order Specification Fault


      I am working on OSM 7.2 and am using the existing OSM supplied PIP cartridge. Have created my sample cartridge

      project with one product spec and class and also a function order component and system order component. I am using

      the recognition rule and orchestraiton process from the PIP cartridge

      While submitting the order, i get the following error

      Invalid Order Specification Fault
      Validation expression returned WARNING: Order Header Fulfillment Mode should be one of: DELIVER, CANCEL, TSQ, GET

      PROVIDER (XPath : ProcessSalesOrderFulfillmentEBM/DataArea/ProcessSalesOrderFulfillment/FulfillmentModeCode)

      This is very strange as I checked my XML and it is already have fulfillment mode code as DELIVER which aligns with

      my product spec fulfillment mode code.

      This input xml does not get submitted as it gives above error.

      Now if I change my fulfillment mode code to say "DO" the order gets submitted but in a failed state.

      I tried to change my fulfillment mode code to DELIVER again in the XML but it again gives me the same error -

      Invalid Order spec fault

      Any idea why this error comes up and what is the issue?