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    FDM automation from VBScript


      We are currently using FDM to post data to Essbase. The solution I have designed is to use SQL SSIS package to import data from text files into a SQL staging table. I then do some manipulation of the data. I am using SSIS due to the functionality that can be incorporated.

      I then use FDM to import the data from the SQL table using an import script in VB.

      This all works, but what I want to know is if I can call a vbscript from the SSIS package (can be a batch file), to automate the import, validate and export process?

      In essence I need a batch script to run 3 fish process in FDM, so no manual intervention is needed.


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          Hi Jeremy,

          You should be able to do this using the upsShell utility (upsShell.exe) that ships with FDM. This allows you to start a batch process from the command line, so could be incorporated into a batch file which could be called from your SSIS package. Take a look at the batchloader section of the FDM admin guide as this will get you started on what needs to be done
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            Thanks for the reply. Can you give me the upsshell parameters. When I run upsshell.exe it just returns to the prompt with no message.
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              Double-click on the upsshell.exe and then paste into a windows notepad to get the command to use and the parameters that needs to be passed to the upsshell.exe.