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    TAF with JDBC

      Hi All-

      I know this is old dead topic and has been discussed several times on forums. For some reason, I still found myself in a doubt state so thought ask to experts here. I have seen on several threads that TAF does not work with JDBC and we can leverage features like FCF & FAN events for HA features.

      However, below link of documentation


      says that the Transparent Application Failover feature of the JDBC OCI driver enables you to automatically reconnect to a database if the database instance to which the connection is made goes down. The new database connection, though created by a different node, is identical to the original.

      should I assume that jdbc connections works with TAF ? I did a quick test and try to connect my ebiz R12 forms server with TAF service and i could get failover. I am not ebiz expert but i believe Ebiz forms servers also uses JDBC connectivity.

      Could you please help me to understand how JDBC OCI than JDBC thin client ? or in simple words, does TAF work with JDBC.


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