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    How to access data of all users in a page?

    Himanshu M-Oracle
      Hi all, I am new to APEX and have a query.

      I have installed APEX on my local machine, created a workspace, and added a few users with roles.

      I am creating an application, similar to a Library app, where I have a table that stores Books information (BOOK_ID, BOOK_NAME, etc). I'd like to create another table BOOK_USER with two columns, BOOK_ID and USER_ID. BOOK_ID would refer to the BOOKS table, and I want USER_ID to refer to the table that stores user details of the workspace that I am using. The data entry would happen from a page that has two LOVs, one for book name (using BOOK_ID as the value) and another for user name (USER_ID, or whatever field APEX uses to store user's ID). Can I do that in APEX? I've found ways to access and authenticate a user for a page, but how to get data of all users in the workspace? In other words, how to get all usernames in a LOV?

      As I am new to APEX, I'd appreciate if someone can guide me through the steps, or post links to tutorial, etc.