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    R12.1.3 EBS the server says compiled custom jsp class is missing

      I compiled a custom jsp file in R12.1.3 using the ojspCompile.pl command in FND_TOP/patch/115/bin

      It completed without error and put a class file in the $COMMON_TOP/_pages directory.

      I changed permissions on the class file to be wide open to everyone and bounced the apache server.

      I went back into the EBS and created a sswa jsp function and added it to a menu

      When I click the new menu option it displays the following error

      An exception occured.


      javax.servlet.ServletException: oracle.classloader.util.AnnotatedClassNotFoundException:

      Missing class: _wvuhreffortrpttrk2

      Dependent class: oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspPageInfo
      Loader: oc4j:10.1.3
      Code-Source: /mapptchapp/oracle/r121/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/j2ee/home/lib/ojsp.jar
      Configuration: in META-INF/boot.xml in /mapptchapp/oracle/r121/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/j2ee/home/oc4j.jar

      This load was initiated at oacore.web.html.jsp1887203452:0.0.0 using the loadClass() method.

      The missing class is not available from any code-source or loader in the system.