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    file_req_age_band.csv Months the only option?


      I'm attempting to configure the Job Requisitions Age Band dimension via the file_req_age_band.csv but our requirements specify the bands in days not months.

      For example:-
      0 - 5 Days
      5 - 20 Days
      20 - 40 Days
      40 + Days

      This doesn't seem to fit with the Band spreadsheets where month and year are the only options which for age of employees or periods of service seems sensible but not for the length of time a job requisition has been open.

      Are there any alternatives I could use?

      I don't imagine decimals will work 5 days is not a fixed fraction of a month for example.

      Does anyone else on the plant even use the Recruitment subject area?

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          Ahsan Shah
          I assume Oracle is doing this at the MONTHLY granularity for the BANDS. This allows a snapshot at the MONTHLY level to see the requisition age bands which helps from a performance standpoint. In your case, you can consider the following options:

          - Manually create a report with the "Banding" that you need that reads the LOWEST grain requisition fact table. Depending on your data volumes, you may want to limit the ranges so that performance is not impaired. If you have a > 30 band, you may want to use the MONTHLY out of the box grain. Essentially, do not use the csv for this report banding.

          - Customize the ETL process and add a separate table to represent your custom banding at a lower grain..this is a lot more work.

          - Create a Materialized view on top of the lowest grain that has these custom bands..this will speed up performance. You will need to refresh this after each load.

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