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    OBIEE Crosstab columns

      I have a report based on a crosstab which add columns which depends of the Datafound in the database(see the example below).

      Date;count by delay
      "1 days","2 days","3 days"
      12/12/2012 ,111,222,333

      My point is to fix the columns("1 days","2 days","3 days") even if the data dosen't exist in the database
      "1 days","2 days","3 days"
      13/12/2012 ,11,22,NULL instead of 13/12/2012 ,11,22
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          Instead of Null you can show strike through. By Doing this procedure.

          Go to Column Properties of all the columns which have nulls. But, still wanted to represent them on report.
          Column Properties -> conditional Format -> 'Select the same is equal to null ' -> it opens edit format window change effects from default to strike through.

          This should resolve your issue.

          Do it for any kind of view.



          Try to create a new logical column in rpd and write a case statement which turns the null values to '0' else same value.

          Thank you.
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            Firstly tnks for this answer....
            In fact my problem is not with the null value in column...
            I explain :
            The columns of crosstab is a column based on a calcul wich can result in 1 to 7 values(wich represent intervalles of delay : <1days,<2days,...<7days), this values depends on the data found in the database.... My wish is to fix the columns of my crosstab(always show the 7intervalles even if there is no measure result wich corresponds to the intervalle )

            For more detaills:
            In my report i count per month the transaction which doesn't exceed 1days, 2days, 3days.....7days....
            In database i have some month with just requests which doesn't exceed 1days...the crosstab in this case shows just one interval instead of 7