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    UPGCUST (Action Delete on Delivered Objects)

      We are doing an Application Upgrade from 8.9 to 91 FSCM FP2.

      On the step where we copy UPGCUST on Higher tools from COP to Higher VERSION DEMO,post copy i am reviewing the copy logs.

      I am seeing for some field and some record field which had status as Absent(COP) to Changed(Higher Version),Oracle is selecing a flag as DELETE .
      Now that my copy has completed it has deleted the fields from Higher Version DEMO.

      Why is Oracle making us delete its own delivered objects?
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          Why is Oracle making us delete its own delivered objects?

          It is not Oracle that is making the vanilla object to be deleted, it is you...
          The UPGCUST project is a project with your customizations you want to reapply to the new version from the previous version.
          If you have customized a record and that record in the new release has for example additional fields, your compare will show these fields as absent in your current env and therefor will delete it from the new env.

          See following doc on the correct compare flags to select.
          E-UPG: Upgcust - Custom Added Objects Removed From Project Running Compare in Change Assistant [ID 1274829.1]

          Two more docs with additional info on the UPGCUST project that may help you understand the process
          How does UPGCUST project work? [ID 1266647.1]
          E-UPG: Preserving Customizations with the UPGCUST Project [ID 645829.1]


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            Thanks a Lot..I now understand it.

            As a general rule our upgrade team here wants all PeopleSoft Objects i.e delivered and modified by PeopleSoft in Higher Version to come through in COP first and then apply custom changes on it if required.In the process if Custom changes made by DEV team get overwritten,they are fine by it.

            We are accordingly setting the flags as per that rule.