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    Can't add a column to a report page

      Yes - I'm a noob.

      I'm following this tutorial (http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/db/devdays2012/apexp1_lab/apexp1_lab.html) and finding that the data doesn't match the instructions. So I'm modifying data as I go (which is also educational). Right now I'm trying to add a column to a very simple report page, but my EMPLOYEES table didn't have some columns. I've already added the "FIRST_NAME" column to my EMPLOYEES table and populated it, and I got it working in the edit form and it saves, but I can't get it to display in the report page. In the Page Rendering view under Regions > Body (3) > EMPLOYEES, I've added a "FIRST_NAME" page item, and set it to match the settings of another text field. Still no luck. A tip would be appreciated.

      Missing something painfully obvious

      PS - source looks fine as well:
      from "EMPLOYEES"
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          Howard (... in Training)

          Is this an Interactive Report? Elsewhere someone offered.
          Go into actions, select columns and select the new columns to display. This is a "feature" of APEX Interactive Reports, that when you first define the report layout and then add columns after the fact, the new columns do NOT display initially..
          So check if it's set NOT to display. If so, change that selection.

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            Wow. That strikes me as a really bad idea (not displaying by default what I add to the Report Columns page rendering, and then having to save the report view by another form). If anyone knows why it was decided to work that way, I'd be curious to know.

            Howard - Thank You for your response. It's greatly appreciated.


            PS - I'm editing this response - I just saw that there was a points difference between "helpful" and "correct". I would edit it to award the higher points, but I don't see that option now. Sorry about that.

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              Howard (... in Training)

              Glad you got it to work without any addiitonal explanation. Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive to me. But it probably works that way so as to fit in with some other common process.. So these added columns just sit there quietly until they're needed.

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