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    open_form and RSA token

      I have a problem with open_form and RSA token.
      I use a menu to call forms, and when I also use it with externally identified user (RSA token) it's not working.
      I think when I specifies that a new, separate database session should be created for the opened form
      (session_mode=SESSION) the forms runtime send the "initial" user/password/connect string to the database and
      because the token number change every minutes it is an invalid password.
      Any idea to solve this problem?

      Thank You,
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          Do you have to use open_form from the menu?

          Can you not use call_form (and therefore keep the same session)?

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            Unfortunatelly not. We must use open_form, as user can switching between parent and child forms.
            I don' t know why my company use call_form with new session. Maybe there is a drawback to share the same session with multiple forms.
            And reports are bigger problem, because we also run them from the menu, and not exist "open_reports with the same session".