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    Embed Word/PDF Documents in Documaker 12.1


      We have a requirement to embed word/PDF documents during runtime . The path for the PDF/Word document comes as an input in a XML node and we would need to have them embeded/inserted in between the formset. We use Documaker 12.1 ODEE and would like to know if there is any built in utilites/rules that would support adding word/PDF documents during run-time. The documents can be inserted anywhere on the policy package. Though the Rules reference manual says the rule AddMultipageBitmap can be used to embed word/PDF, it doesn't seems to work with them in UNIX. It works perfeclty well for TIFF images. Let us know if we would need to add entries in the INI files to support the rule to embed word/PDF documents.

      Any other approach out of the box is also appreciated. Thanks in advance..
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          If it is Linux or Solaris the Word attachment to the document should work out-of-the-box with configuration. For AIX the Oracle Outside In Image Export runtime component that converts the documents for most document types (except for specific types of TIFF) needs a X11 DISPLAY context with user authorization for which to run the rule in because that what it uses to do the conversion to an image.

          Is this AIX you are trying to do this on? If so the ODEE installer for 12.1.x sets a DISPLAY variable in the docfactory.sh startup script in a section for that platform that you would have use to point to a X11 Motif or Lesstif DISPLAY (e.g. my.server.com:2) that has a running X11 server. VNC server option will work also so that the system can remain headless.
          I thought that the Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition document covers this requirement under its attachments notes, not sure.

          See documentation on Oracle Outside In Image Export for supported documents it can handle and platforms.
          I am not sure if the version Oracle Documaker uses but here is a document reference for v8.3.5 for the Unix particulars, http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14154_01/dev.835/e12885/c03_unix.htm .

          SCCOPT_RENDERING_PREFER_OIT settings referenced in the above document is only option on Solaris SPARC and Linux x86_32 platforms according to the Oracle Outside In Image Export Developer's Guide for v8.3.5 (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14154_01/dev.835/e12885.pdf).

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            Thanks for the detailed information. I will go through the manuals to see if it would meet our requirement.