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    Forms Compilation Error  801

      I installed and configured Oracle forms and reports on Centos 5.6 64bit system successfully.
      However, when I moved my forms form windows system to centos and migrated them using Forms Migration Assistant, all forms and libraries complied successfully. But when I open some libraries in Forms builder, I get this error when complile them.

      Compilation errors on SET_USER_PREF:
      PL/SQL ERROR 801 at line 0, column 0
      internal error [phd_get_defn:DI_U_NAM RHS]
      PL/SQL ERROR 908 at line 0, column 0
      The stored format of CT.QS_SECURITY is not supported by this release.

      My forms version

      in this tread PL/SQL cannot understand the stored format of a library unit.

      Somebody said :

      "Compiling Forms Fails with PL/SQL ERROR 801, internal error [phd_get_defn:DI_U_NAM RHS] [ID 1058803.1]

      If this is the issue, the document recommends you upgrade to the latest patch/patch set for Forms 11."

      If this works, can anyone tell me where to download the patch and how to install them ? I couldn't find them.

      Or if there are other reasons, please post your answer, thanks a lot.