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    Cannot delete role in FMC

      I have defined a role in FMC called PG_Mens. I assigned a WLS group called grp_Mens as a member of that role. I then (inadvertently) deleted grp_Mens. Now, no matter what I do, I cannot delete the PG_Mens role. I can try, but when I click OK I get an error popup complaining that it can't find grp_Mens. I've even readded grp_Mens in WLS, but no luck.

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          It's bug. for more refer Bug 13800776 - bug 13147048 - getprincipal error when trying to application role in em. by workaround down bi presentations services then try to look at below path (before take a back of the file )
          it may fixed weblogic 12C version


          Then start bi presentation services & then test.

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