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    Using RCU against SQL Server - invalid user name/password

      I just downloaded ODI and RCU and would like to use SQL Server 2005 for my repository. My intent is to begin to study ODI.

      I created a SQL Server db (named Oracle_Data_Intergrator) and choose to use Windows Authentication and the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio works fine.

      I set up an ODBC connection and choose to authenticate 'With Windows NT authentication using the network login ID' and it works fine.

      However, when I get to step 2 of 6 of the RCU (Database Connection Details) and provide the same credentials I get 'Invalid username/password'. My Database Typoe is Microsoft SQL Server, Unicode Support is Yes.

      I've ensured that I'm using the same case for Username and Password and triple checked my pwd.

      My Windows user name is firstname.lastname.

      Could that be an invalid format for ORCL?

      Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.

      PS: I tried to first use Oracle XE as a db but evidently ODI is not compatible with it. That would be my preference but it appears not to be an option.