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    ApEx "integration" with Outlook


      i am working on apex 4.1

      I am using
      http://www.danielmcghan.us/2008/06/icalendar-event-via-email.html thread blog to ApEx "integration" with Outlook .

      But it just moving blank mails into the outlook. it nothing doing else.

      I am using outlook 2010.

      i have created items on the page are

      P2_START_DATE // value adding as 24-JAN-13

      P2_END_DATE // value adding as 24-JAN-13

      P2_SUBJ // Test mail

      P2_USER_NAME // Nisha
      P2_USER_EMAIL // sender email id
      P2_TO_ADDRESS //receipiant email id

      P2_BODY_HTML //using rtf box

      created submit button on page and written page process on this.
         l_ical_event VARCHAR2(32767);
          l_ical_event := ical_event(
            p_start_date      => TO_DATE(:P2_START_DATE || :P2_START_TIME,'DD-MON-YYYYHH:MIPM')
          , p_end_date        => TO_DATE(:P2_END_DATE || :P2_END_TIME,'DD-MON-YYYYHH:MIPM')
          , p_summary         => :P2_SUBJ
          , p_organizer_name  => :P2_USER_NAME
          , p_organizer_email => :P2_USER_EMAIL
            p_to        => :P2_TO_ADDRESS
          , p_from      => :P2_USER_EMAIL
          , p_subj      => :P2_SUBJ
          , p_body_html => :P2_BODY_HTML 
          , p_body_ical => l_ical_event
      i have created one procedure and function as given on this link.
      where i am doing wrong. Please help me to find the error.

      Thanks in advance.