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    migration from standard edition to enterprise edition 11g

      dear gurus

      i have database in standard edition in 11g the db size is around 50gb.now my requirement is i want to upgrade to enterprise edition in same release.So please tell me what would be the best way

      1)shall i take export backup of SE and then shut database.
      2)then deinstall SE and install EE in same oracle home and then prepare instance and take import.

      i have also read that i shutdown databse deinstall SE and install EE in same home then start database .
      data fles are on SAN
      So whats the best way.
      Also there are two databases installed as per client.One is shutdown and one running.

      But as i am login to one datbase so able to check details for 1 database only.So they want to migrate both the databases to EE.

      please tell the best way.