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      • 15. Re: Trivial RESTful service doesn't work on apex.oracle.com
        Hilary Farrell-Oracle
        Hi Denis,

        We do indeed monitor BugDB, on a daily basis. However, your bug has been logged against the APEX Listener, which is a separate product, with a different product ID to APEX.

        We have been actively investigating this issue, as it was raised by another customer on the APEX Listener forum. The thread on the Listener forum was investigated before this thread came to our attention. The issue is being tracked with bug *16210026*, so I've marked your bug as a duplicate. Currently, users with new workspaces or newly created RESTful Services on the hosted instance, will experience issues using RESTful Services. You may have noticed that the Application Builder Home page on this instance has been updated to include a notification regarding this issue. As always, we'll endeavour to address the issue as soon as possible.

        Given that you are an Oracle employee, I strongly recommend that you use our internal hosted instance instead of apex.oracle.com for your work, and use the associated methods for reporting issues.

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          Denis Kishenko-Oracle
          Sc0tt thanks for advice, I have sent email before hfarrell answer

          hfarrell thanks for answer! I filed issue against APEX Listener because of RESTful service is provided by Listener as declared on official site. In any case I hope bug will be fixed soon.
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            Hilary Farrell-Oracle
            No worries, Denis,

            You were totally correct to log the bug against the APEX Listener. I was merely responding to your earlier comments where you asked "+Could anybody say what is correct way to file bug against APEX? Looks like they don't monitor BugDB.+". I simply wanted to assure you and others that we do monitor APEX bugs that get logged in BugDB....and we'll ensure that we keep a closer eye on APEX Listener bugs also.

            If you require further information on the internal hosted instance, please email me directly.

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