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    RKM Issue - Oracle ERP Table

      There is a table in the Oracle ERP System ie., Table Name : PO_HEADERS_ALL. When i trying to reverse engineer the table into the ODI table i came across this error.

      Issues : java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.sunopsis.dwg.SQLWorkReposException: ORA-12899: value too large for column "<Work Repository

      Intial Analysis for this cause

      1. The default value of the paticular column gets stored into the work repository table SNP_REV_COL and the default value of the particular gets stored into the column DEF_VALUE. When verified the Datatype of the Column DEF_VALUE it is defined as 100 Characters

      2. verified the Source Column qualified for the Reverese engineer
      "ORG_ID" NUMBER DEFAULT to_number(DECODE(substrb( userenv('CLIENT_INFO'),1,1),' ',NULL,substrb(userenv('CLIENT_INFO'),1,10))),

      the RKM is Unable to Reverese engineer the table because of that.

      Is there any work around for resolving this issue.