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    Datacenter Migration Oracle Database 10g

      Hi All,

      We are currently handling a datacenter migration project where in the souce instance is hosted at Oracle Datacenter ( Texas ).
      and the target instance need to be built on U.K

      -> It takes 3days to ship the (cold) backup from U.S datacenter to UK datacenter. We could able to bring up the database using that. But
      in order to keep the new Instnace in sync with the source ( which is being used by bussiness) we have to apply all the archvies in this gap.

      --> Database size 250G

      --> We could manage to ship the archives generated after cold backup directly to FTP server ( in UK network). But there ar around 3000 - 4000 archives to be applied.
      We have planned to perform a cancel based recovery here.

      In this scenario, need your advice, If we have any other alternative ( Best practice)