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    FRM-10221: Cannot read file "MN_MENU.mmb"

      I got this error when running my forms, which is migrated from 6i to 11g.

      What I have done so far :

      1> the .fmx .mmx files are in the same folder, and this path is added to FORMS_PATH, no space in the path.

      2> Menu name "MN_MENU" is added to the Menu Module property of the form

      3> Running as "oracle" user, have the permission to read the files.

      4> Menus and Forms all compiled without errors

      So what else reasons could be ?
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          Carlos Cortez

          Try adding the extension .mmx to the forms's menu name property.

          For example:
          Hope this helps you :)

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            First try using Full Path like
            d:\soft\men\MN_MENU -- not remember , does extension is need or not ?
            if it works..
            then check your default.env file for forms_path
            Hope this helps

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              FRM-10221: Cannot read file "MN_MENU.mmb"
              This is typically a design-time error versus a run-time error. In addition to ensuring the FMX and MMX files are in the FORMS_PATH, you need to sure the source binaries (.FMB and.MMB) files are also in your FORMS_PATH.
              I got this error when running my forms...
              Could you please clarify what you mean by this? Are you getting this error during the application runtime (on the application server) or when you open and run your form form from the Forms Builder?

              Also, can you clarify which FORMS_PATH you have updated? There are two FORMS_PATHs that must be updated on a developer workstation. The first is in the Windows Registry. The second is in the default.env file which is used by the Forms Builder when you run your form from the Forms Builder. On the application server, you need only modify the FORMS_PATH in the default.env.

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                Thank you for your suggestion, I changed FORMS_PATH in default.env , it works now.