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    Dell M620 with CNA QLogic 10GbE 2P QMD8262-k bNDC - doesn't work -OVS 3.2.1


      does anyone succesfully installed Oracle VM Server with Dell M620 and QLogic 10GbE 2P QMD8262-k bNDC CNA adapter?

      With 3.1.1 and kernel parameter pci=nomsi the adapter was working, but with 3.2.1 and 2.6.9-300 kernel series I'm unable to make it working.

      qla2xxx driver works and SAN disks are visible.

      qlcnic driver throws no errors, but no packets are counted on eth* interfaces and no interrupts in /proc/interrupts are generated for eth*. I've tried various combinations of driver parameters use_msi=0 use_msi_x=0 with no luck.
      The interrupts shown in ifconfig output are not seen in xm debug-key i or xm debug-key M output.

      I've found similar bug 15926953 which should be fixed in 3.2.1-494, but I can't see the details.

      I've opened a SR, but oracle probably prefer others.

      Any informations are welcome.