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    Updating FP4

      Good Morning my name is Rossana i'm trying to update to FP4 but when i'm making the post install especificly trying to run this script bpm-ps4fp-upgrade with this console command

      +C:/Oracle/jdk1.6.29/bin/java weblogic.WLST C:/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_SOA1/bin/bpm-ps4fp-upgrade.py username weblogic password ***** wlsHost localhost adminServerListenPort 7001+

      i'm having this error

      Grant PolicyStoreAccessPermission to oracle.bpm.pml.security.jar .....
      Problem invoking WLST - Traceback (innermost last):
      File "C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_SOA1\bin\bpm-ps4fp-upgrade.py", line 58, in
      NameError: grantPermission

      Could somebody help me because i don't see the error in other place so i don't know what happened.

      Thank you.

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          Niranjan Kumbi-Oracle
          Did you get a resolution to this issue? I'm hitting same error.

          wls:/ProjectsDomain/serverConfig> grantPermission(codeBaseURL="file:$(common.components.home)/modules/oracle.wsm.agent.common_11.1.1/wsm-agent-core.jar", permClass="oracle.wsm.security.WSIdentityPermission", permTarget="resource=ProjectsCharterApp_application1", permActions="assert")
          Traceback (innermost last):
          File "<console>", line 1, in ?
          NameError: grantPermission