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    SmartView (Build 070) 64-bit Help

      Hello everyone.

      First, I am not an "IT guy" so please bare with me as I am not technical but need help. :)

      I am running Windows 7 64-bit Professional and Excel 2010 64-bit. I installed Oracle Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition 64-bit as an add-in within Excel.

      I have worked with our "Hyperion Admins" to connect to the right server so that my "private connections" are set correctly (hopefully that makes sense).

      However, when I attempt to refresh my Smart View query I end-up retrieving no data. The "refresh" button under "Smart View" in Excel will proceed as a refresh is occurring but then not return data (I know this Smart View template works as I've used it many times on 32-bit Excel).

      Our admins have informed me that I cannot use 64-bit Smart View because our "server" is on a 32-bit O/S (or something similar to that). To me, the logic doesn't make sense and I'm hoping that there is a solution the admins are not aware of.

      Happy to answer any questions and appreciate any help.

      PS - I have to use Excel 2010 64-bit in order to work with the large data sets I use with non-Smart View work.