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    Asynchronous request support


      Currently ODP.NET has no support for asynchronous requests, and for me this is an important feature that is missing. I want to build scalable web services using Oracle, .NET and WCF. The synchronous nature of ODP.NET will use one thread for each request, which does not scale very well.

      Is asynchronous support planned for a feature version of ODP.NET?
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          Alex Keh - Product Manager-Oracle
          Not for the ODP.NET 12c release.

          Please vote here if you want this feature:

          Post-ODP.NET 12c, we will use votes on the customer feature request tool to prioritize what features to implement in follow on releases. For those that vote, Oracle may contact you in the future to collect more detailed requirements.
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            Thanks. I have done that now.

            Async programming has been a pattern that is more difficult to practice than synchronous programming. Until now. With the introduction of .NET Framework 4.5 it has become very easy, and in Windows 8 programming this is the only way on many APIs.

            But the underlying APIs have to support it. And in this case ODP.NET has to support it. I hope all who reads this will take the time to vote on this feature.