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    autoCustomizationCriteria with results in subtab - whereClause is NULL

      I have a autoCustomizationCriteria Query region with include simple search panel set to true.

      my results are displayed in a subTabLayout region under which i have 5 tabs (of type simple table) to organize the data into logical groups (so 1 row's attributes displayed by dividing across 5 different tabs).

      i have created all related objects for the search under query components ie simplesearchpanel definition AND simpleSearchMappings. now the problem i think is that ALL the ResultItems in the multiple mappings (i have 15 search criteria fields) belong to subtabs other than the INITIAL subtab. as a result whenever i execute a search (ie enter some search criteria and hit 'Go') none of the searchfields get applied as the where clause to the query and instead it simply executes a blind query ie does not generate the dynamic where clause.......

      if i trap the 'Go' button and handle building the where clause myself, it works, BUT THAT IS NOT an option for me, because i have to create the advanced panel for which i will not be able to build the where clause myself (becos it allows the likes betweens etc....)

      would really appreciate some inputs,
      Thank you.
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          Can you try the below in the processRequest of the Search page's controller?

          OASubTabLayoutBean subTabLayoutBean = (OASubTabLayoutBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("");
          subTabLayoutBean.setAttributeValue(MODE_ATTR, SUBTAB_FORM_SUBMISSION_MODE);

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            hi, i have that already set to ensure data is in sync in all tabs within the subtab region....but that does not help with the problem.

            i worked past this problem by moving all the search fields to the initial tab, HOWEVER, i have requirement when page loads first time it has to automatically query rows for whoever is logged in . so in process request i coded to populate appropriate search field with the userlogin and did the default execute query. unfortunately, this did not append the where clause and it gave me all rows. strangely , after the page is initially rendered, if i just hit Go, it generates the where clause and returns the right rows. WHY IS THAT ? how do I make my initial page render with the correct/restricted results ???

            since facing the above issue, on the initial page loading after setting the searchfield with the login i myself set the whereclause and did executeqry. this brought the correct initial rows. then i also reset the whereclause to null (to ensure when user changes search criteria and hits Go, only the new whereclause gets generated). however, now the Go button does nothing (ie the rows displayed remain the same as the initial rows even though the searchcriteria fields were changed....)

            to summarize requirement is -
            1. search results (construction mode - autoCustomizationCriteria) to display in subtab region
            2. initial page rendering has to programatically display a resultset restricted to a searchfield (ie restrict by login)
            3. subsequent queries on Go (where user may input values in other searchfields) should be handled by the default generation of the whereclause as provided under the autoCustomizationCriteria mode

            any insight into this problem ? i am stuck with this as this is very critical for my page...
            thank you.