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    ODI-14070: Import failed

    Oracle Maniac
      Hi All ,

      I have one ODI procedure(xml file) which belongs to our deployment script. For the very first time,this procedure was made in ODI and since then it has been exported and kept in our deployment scripts .This procedure is used by a number of people who import this procedure to their own project and use it .For the very first time this procedure gets successfully imported by setting the IMPORT TYPE to Duplication Mode . The reason being that every object ,in my case,every procedure in ODI has an ID of the project associated with it .In my case the object to be imported has a parent id of 82799(the original project id) associated with it .The moment I try importing this in duplicate mode , ODI implicitly reassigns the parent id with the ID of the project within which I am importing my procedure and things work fine .
      The challenge arises when I try to import the procedure in Insert mode and get the below error.
      "com.sunopsis.tools.core.exception.SnpsSimpleMessageException: ODI-14070: Import failed. The parent object was not found in the repository"
      When I searched my deployment scripts ,I found that my procedure (please refer the below line ) has an id associated with it .This is the ID which is referred to as the parent object in the error ODI-14070.
      <Field name="ITrt" type="com.sunopsis.sql.DbInt"><![CDATA[82799]]></Field>
      This error is very troublesome and is a hindrance in migrating an enhanced version of the procedure into my existing projects .Is there any way out through which we can escape this error during insert mode /insert-update mode ?

      Thanks as always ,