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    Can I develop JavaFX 2.x project in Eclipse IDE?


      I am developing a project which could migrates between Android and Windows platforms.
      For Android development, I adopt Eclipse IDE for sure.
      For Windows UI development, however, I doubt to use RCP or JavaFX.
      I prefer to use JavaFX, because I think it will be easier to transit to some like "xML+CSS" in future (which is much closer to that is in Android).

      But the IDE annoyed me...
      I can only find one article talking about Eclipse plugin for JavaFX(1.x), but the update url is now obsolete:
      Article: http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/1.2/gettingstarted/eclipse-plugin/index.html#firstinstall35
      Obsolete update url: http://javafx.com/downloads/eclipse-plugin/