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    Random FRM-92100 error experienced by users

      Hello Friends,
      I would like to share a strange thing about FRM-92100 error, this looks like a bug in forms 10g .Today we found that one of our 6i to 10g migration fmb suddenly stopped working even though, we had not changed anything in the form. It started giving a FRM-92100 error. First, we confirmed ourself by checking if there is any 10gAS configuration file change, just to make sure that nobody had touched it. We don't waste more time on rules of thumb. We did this because this not the first time we are facing the strange behaviour of forms After debugging a whole day, we found that a call to CLEAR_FORM and EXIT_FORM built-in raised the error. So when we comment out these line, no error are raised, very strange. Later after more debugging, we found these buit-ins work fine when we call it without doing any data entry into form screen. So we came to a conclusion that it is not a connection problem between forms client to 10gAS. Finally, we came across the root cause and........... this was, one of the forms displayed item get populated the data from db table while doing data entry into form screen. So just for debugging, we changed its property to text item and then ran the form and that really surprised us.................... FRM-92100 error resolved!! Don't you think that's strange? But this is working fine in forms 6i.
      Now again we revert back the property to display item and again it started throwing the same FRM-92100 error. After more debuging, we found that db column values which get populated into forms field have newline/cariage return character in it as this was remark field populating from some other form. So now after removing newline/carraige return character from db table column and leaving form filed property to display item(as it was initially) it started WORKING FINE. It even works fine by setting the field multi line property to yes. But the rule of thumb of FRM-92100 error, routes us into a jungle of errors.

      This was one of our worst experiences so far!