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    JMS message selector


      I am trying to understand how message selector influence network trafic.

      I understand that message selector is used by clients to filter the messages that they don't want but how or on what side the filtering is done?

      For example asuuming there are 10 messages in a queue all of them have custom header named type. 4 of the messages have the value 1 and 6 have the value 2.

      If I have a client that has the following message selector: type = 1 will it:

      A. receive all 10 messages and use only the 4 that have in the type field the value 1 (network trafic is 10 headers + 10 message budy)

      B. Be notified on all 10 messages, get there headers, decide which messages he wants (those that type = 1) and then get only the 4 messages with type = 1 (network trafic is 10 headers + 4 message budy)

      C. Filtering is done on the jms server side so the client will be notified only on 4 messages that have type = 1 and he will get only 4 messages (network trafic is 4 messages header+budy).