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    Clunky Hyperion Planning?


      Have a recent install of Planning and have found some things that appear to be bugs. Not sure if they are common and would like some advice.

      We are running on windows server. Have tried with I.E. 9 and I.E. 8 in both compatibility mode and not.

      1) On occasions, when adding a member formula the screen will refresh part way and blank out what I've written.

      2) Some member formula are saving, working correctly in forms, then when I try to re-open the formula (from manage dimensions) it's missing and there is no way of bringing it back as the member formula screen is blank. The only way is to delete the member and start again.

      3) Some members are added and refreshed to Essbase. However, when I attempt to add them to a form I push the right arrow to add and nothing happens. Have tried logging off, on etc etc and nothing helps.

      Thanks in advance