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    Uninstall Smartview


      I'm looking for good instructions on how to manually remove smartveiw, including from the registry. I once referenced a good document but can't remember the where!

      I have a user that has uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times but still getting errors, such as two versions of Private Connections.

      Your assistance is appreciated.

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          Neeraj Lahoti-Oracle
          If you have access to support portal then refer article id 1394161.1

          Below is the content from KM article.

          In order to perform silent uninstall of software you can execute the following Windows command on workstation:
          msiexec.exe /x {Your Product GUID} /quiet
          SmartView Product GUID for should be {77D4F164-92AD-4180-A7CA-F0354E6FA7D5}.
          To confirm it, check if this product code exists and path to the installation is correct in Windows registry:

          The command to perform silent uninstall of Smart View is:
          msiexec.exe /x {77D4F164-92AD-4180-A7CA-F0354E6FA7D5} /quiet
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            Very interesting.

            I have a couple of follow up questions:

            1. Does a silent install do a more thorough job than a normal install?
            2. How does one determine the product GUID for the smartview installation?
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              What version of Hyperion are you using?

              A quick way to do it is; With Admin rights to the PC, Open Control Panel and choose Add/Remove Programs. When you're done, Open Excel and ensure that the Smartview item is not appearing in the menu ribbon or present in Tools/Addins.

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                That doesn't seem to have done the job thoroughly enough in this instance, which is what led me to create this post in the first place.

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                  Well oracle states after uninstalling using add/delete programs you got to follow this:

                  "The uninstallation details are stored at:
                  \<Product GUID>
                  Under this key, the sub key ”InstallSource” holds the value C:\WINNT\Downloaded
                  Installations\{<a dynamic GUID>}\.
                  The uninstallation process refers to this sub key and locates the extracted .MSI file. Because
                  the .MSI file present in this location only initiates the uninstallation process, you cannot delete
                  the .MSI file during uninstallation. Only after the product is fully uninstalled can you manually
                  delete the .MSI file."