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    Interface Problems: DBA => Data Pump => Export Jobs (Job Name)

      Hello Folks,

      I need your help in troubleshooting an SQL Developer interface problem.

      DBA => Data Pump => Export Jobs (Job Name) => Data Pump Export => Job Scheduler (Step):
      -a- Job Name and Job Description fields are not visible. Well the fields are there but each of them just 1/2 character wide. I can't see/enter anything in the fields.

      Import Wizard:
      -b- Job Name field under the first "Type" wizard's step looks exactly the same as in Export case.
      -c- Can't see any row under "Chose Input Files" section (I see just ~1 mm of the first row and everything else is hidden).

      My env:
      -- Version, Build MAIN-09.87
      -- Windows 7 (64 bit)

      It could be related to the fact that I did change fonts in the Preferences. As I don't know what is the default font I can't change it back to the default and test (let me know what is the default and I will test it).

      -- Have tried to disable all extensions but DBA Navigator ( It didn't help
      -- There are no any messages in the console if I run SQL Dev under cmd "sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.exe

      Any help is appreciated,