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    4.2 and dynamic actions


      Have expected to see 2 improvements in 4.2 and didn't find them.
      1) Dynamic action on clicking report column field:
      For now I am configuring Target as URL and in URL I have #
      Link Attributes is set to onclick="$s("hidden_item", value); return false;"
      After that I have a DA created on on-change event for that hidden_item
      It is working, but is so weird to use it like this. I wonder maybe there are more elegant way to do it that's why we don't see it as a standard functionality in APEX.

      2) Set Value Dynamic Action: I wonder why we don't have a check box with option to set session value for this item.
      For example I have to put 0 for 3 or 4 hidden items on my page: It would be ok for me to use Set Value, and choose if i want or not to set this values in session.
      For now I have to create additional PL/SQL event after Set Value with begin null; end;, and indicate these 3 hidden elements in Page items to submit.
      Again, maybe there are more elegant way to do it.

      Oracle advise us to use Dynamic Actions as much as possible, this what i am tring to do, but some times... it is just not enough functionality.

      Thank you,
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          I agree with you.

          The way I see dynamic actions - expecially after my last experience (see other thread) - is like this: They are good for really small quick problems. But as soon as more than 1 item get involved, coding it all yourself is the best way to go - preassumed you know how to. Its just far more performance efficient and elegant (as far as my novice experiences go).

          Your first topic actually goes beyond DAs, and I also wondered, why this can not be realized in an easier way. If you set a report column to 'hidden', its just not there in the markup althou you need it for js-operations. So you have to hassel around to make it hidden after the page load. This should really be improoved.
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            Have you tried with

            Selection Type = jQuery Selector
            jQuery Selector like table.uReport.uReportStandard > tbody > tr > td > a > img

            it works for my report column link