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    Re: How do i change a BPM PROCESS ID

      Hi All,

      I have used JDeveloper to create a business process. When i deployed on my soa bpm infrastructure the deployed application is named after the Process ID of the
      BPM Process. I will need to change the name of the application that is being deployed to my SOA Server.

      11g Release.

      When i deploy the application, the BPM Application is named after the process id. I would like to change the same.

      Appreciate your help and answer.

      Thank you

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          Dan Atwood
          I've never tried this, but Vikram had a post on this a while back: How to change the application name in the BPM workspace

          Another approach, would be to create a new manual process and give it the name you want shown in the Applications tab. This process would have an initiator Interactive activity and would then invoke your current process (you'd also need to delete the initiator activity from your current process).

          Know this is a cludge - I'm not a huge fan of the process name being used in the Application tab instead of the initiator Interactive activity's name.